Very high quality american type
golden retriever breeding

ENCI FCI “Goldendorado”

Aleandro Dorado


Born in Italy to American parents, he is the son of two champions Roc and Akiabara).

Since he was a puppy he has made himself noticed in the rings of the Expos in Italy and abroad and in the breed rallies achieving unexpected results: victories not only in the class and age category but also in Best Show. Many judges, both Italian and foreign, have appreciated and awarded him.

Impossible not to notice in the ring his loose, elegant and correct movement typical of an American golden, his bone structure, his hair which is always smooth and shiny, not to mention his sweet, affable expression, almost as if drawn.

He is defined as a golden of substance, he became champion at just 18 months and then together with us and his handlers he achieved many other championships including international, Argentina and Macedonia championships.

In sum, a Multi-Champion Goldendorado that has allowed us to make known to everyone, Italians and non-Italians, the American Golden; a Goldendorado reproducer who leaves a typical imprint on all his children and we still see it today in his grandchildren.


Hip displasya HD A
Elbow dysplasia ED 0
Heart disease tests (ECG – ECO cuore) done


Deposited at authorized Institute ENCI

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