Very high quality american type
golden retriever breeding

ENCI FCI “Goldendorado”

Our breeding

The breeding is carried out on the edge of the Park of Casentino in 12 acres of meadows and woods where our Americans Golden Retrievers can run, play and socialise with each other and with us and all those who come to visit us.

The breeder is licensed by ASL and takes the environment into account. They use natural materials; heated and air conditioned huts were made of real wood for the night with a total area of 700 square meters, while during the day our American Golden Retrievers live freely in large enclosed spaces.

It is very important for our breeding that our American Type Golden Retrievers live in a clean environment and are always in contact with us where the key words are love and passion.

Breeding with passion

Love, passion and professionalism are our keywords.

We were the first farm in Italy to import and dissect only the American line without making mixes or hybrids.

Our great passion for the American Line Golden Retriever began not out of fashion but by attending the national and international exhibitions that we have normally been doing with our Labradors for many years.

We were fascinated by this type of Golden for its golden color (“golden”), for its beauty and elegance and for its sociable, sweet, affable, intelligent, sensitive, obedient and helpful character, an exceptional friend for the whole family.

Morphologically very different from the Golden we are used to seeing and not finding any Golden in Europe that attracted our attention, we extended our search to other continents, starting from America: here we finally found the Golden we had wanted for a long time; so we began to import the first Golden Retrievers of the American line trying to make them known not only in beauty shows but also in work, hunting, retrieval, research on land and at sea and pet therapy.

Through our website we will let you know our Golden of the American line, that is the Goldendorado!

We look forward to seeing you at our kennel!

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