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The Golden Retriever started out, around the mid-nineteenth century, as a working dog. Nevertheless, it was the result of a much older pedigree from various and numerous predecessors, each of which contributed specific mental and physical qualities; the combination of these qualities gave us the breed that we now know as the GOLDEN RETRIEVER.

The first person to create a new breed of Retriever was LORD TWEEDMOUTH. His desire was to obtain a hunting dog that embodied specific characteristics such as obedience and independence, as well as the ability to hunt in both vegetation and in water and to gently bring back the prey.

It was around 1865 when LORD TWEEDMOUTH acquired the NOUS, the only yellow-coated Retriever to be born among a litter of black dogs. Three years later, he crossed it with a TWEED WATER SPANIEL and from this litter four females were chosen. With these four females, he established the foundations of his dog breeding business and the only male of the litter, the CROCUS, was given to his son LORD TWEEDMOUNTH; from here his selection began, using outcrosses of two black Retrievers, an Irish Setter and a Bloodhound.

LORD TWEEDMOUTH later gave away some of his pups to raise awareness of this wonderful breed, with the result that the first breeds of the twentieth century started with reproducers bred by the aforementioned LORD.

Nowadays, we can be sure of the GOLDEN Retriever’S origins thanks to the tenacity of ELMA STONEX‘S famous “DORCAS KENNEL”. For ten years, Stonex devoted her time and energy to researching the origins of the Golden Retriever.

The breed was registered in the English Kennel Club in 1913 under the name “GOLDEN OR YELLOW RETRIEVER“, although the Golden Retriever was not recognised as a new breed until 1960.

The American Golden Retriever was first brought to Italy about 30 years ago and can be found today in certain European Golden Retriever pedigrees… but it was not imported and selected in order to continue its bloodlines and keep its type alive, but rather, was used by some European Golden Retriever breeders in order to try and regain structure and colour!

In fact, the American Golden Retriever began to be known for its character and beauty in Italy and in Europe with the first examples we imported many years ago and subsequently with our many dogs in Expo and in Work (pet therapy and rescue).

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