Very high quality american type
golden retriever breeding

ENCI FCI “Goldendorado”


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The Golden is a very intelligent dog, since small and easy to train. We use to train awards (food or game) that, if given at the right time, teach a good education as a kitten.

But if you do not feel confident to go it alone, we organize during the year some courses of basic training followed by an instructor or advanced dog-qualified will help solve vs.. problems of education of the puppy up from 4 months.

The program of training:

  • The dog in the family, build the relationship between pet and owner
  • Training with gestures and voice
  • Basic Obedience


Are you going on holiday? We will take care of your Golden!

If nobody can take care of your Golden retriever while you are on holiday, or absent due to other family problems, we could do it for you.

Your Golden retriever will play and have a good time with our adult and young Goldens in a cosy environment, enjoying eleven hectares of meadows and woods plunged in the fantastic natural setting of the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi.


This program provides for the custody of one of our young or old golden to people with certain family and time characteristics.

For more information please contact us and we will explain the program.


We offer the grooming service but exclusively for the goldens from our breeding.​

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